The IDLU-UWT110-CUO1O-32P is a small form factor Unicable2 multiswitch enabling installations with up to 32 satellite receivers over a single cable based on digital channel stacking technology. Digital channel stacking technology applies digital signal processing after wideband Analog to Digital converters (full band capture) to select and reorder transponder channels.

The multiswitch supports both Dynamic and Static modes. In Dynamic mode (default), up to 32 EN50607-compatible receivers (or up to 16 EN50494-compatible) connected over the Unicable output ports, can select their desired transponder and receive it over the respective User Band. In Static mode, the multiswitch outputs a fixed transponder-to-IF frequency mapping and can line up to 32 transponders (depending on the bandwidth of the desired transponders) over its Unicable output ports. This allows for an unlimited number of receivers to be connected to the switch making MDU installations substantially cheaper and simpler than ever before.

This multiswitch has 4 satellite inputs that can receive (and cascade) either 4 universal satellite IF bands (LV, LH, HV and HH) from one satellite feed, or 2 wideband satellite IF signals (Horizontal and Vertical) from two satellite feeds. A unique feature of the multiswitch firmware allows to daisy chain two units and combine their outputs with external combiner to support connection of up to 4 wideband satellite IF signals from up to four satellite feeds. It also has a Terrestrial VHF/UHF input. The terrestrial signals are combined over both output ports of the multiswitch. The Terrestrial signal is not amplified.

The multiswitch has two outputs - by default, one of the ports is configured to function as a Unicable port in dynamic mode and the second is configured to function as Universal (Legacy) and switches to Unicable as soon as it receives an EN50494 or EN50607 command. The operating mode and configuration of each output port - unicable/universal, dynamic/static - output power level, channel bandwidth, UB numbers and protocol, center frequencies and the functionality of each of the output ports are fully programmable through Inverto’s Unicable II Programmer device and PC software tool.

The multiswitch is powered over the supplied AC/DC adapter and power inserter device allowing greater flexibility in various installation scenarios. The communication protocol between the multiswitch unit and the connected receivers is based on EN50494 and/or EN50607 and can be defined per User Band allowing operators to support installations consisting of both EN50494-only and EN50607-compatible Next Generation PVRs and HGWs.

  • Equipment for programming the multiswitch
  5415 SatPal Controller                              IDLU-SPAL03-OOOBT-OPP
  5393 Unicable II® programmer             IDLU-PROG02-OOOOO-OPN

For Indoor and outdoor (IP54) installations

Technical specifications
Frequency range: satellite Quattro LNB: 950 MHz ~ 2150 MHz (default)

Wideband LNB: 300 MHz ~2350 MHz
Frequency range: terrestrial 47 MHz ~ 862 MHz
Inputs 4x IF inputs:- for 1x Quattro LNB (default)- or 2x Wideband LNBs1x UHF/VHF input for terrestrial antenna
Outputs 4x Loopthrough satellite IF outputs

1x Loopthrough terrestrial output

1x Unicable II (dCSS/EN50607) output, dynamic

(default) or statis mode, supporting up to 32 UBs.

With combined terrestrial signal.

1x Universal (Legacy) by default upon power up, auto switch

to Unicable II™ upon receiving EN50494/EN50607 command.

With combined terrestrial signal
Input power range -50 dBm ~ -15 dBm
Output signal level (AGC) Configurable (default -25 dBm)
RF isolation: satellite/terretsrial (input) 25 dB min.
RF isolation: satellite/satellite (input) 25 dB min.
RF isolation: satellite ch/ch (UBs, output) 28 dB min.
Loop-through loss: satellite
4 dB max.
Loop-through loss: terrestrial 4 dB max.
Gain: Unicable II™ (dCSS) output (out of AGC) 25 dB min.
Gain: legacy (universal) output 10 dB min.
LO phase noise @ 1 kHz -80 dBc/Hz max.
LO phase noise @ 10 kHz -92 dBc/Hz max.
LO phase noise @ 100 kHz -96 dBc/Hz max.
LO phase noise @ 1 MHz -104 dBc/Hz max.
Integrated phase noise 1.5° max.
Control protocols DiSEqC 1.x/DiSEqC 2.0, EN50494/EN50607
Legacy port switching V/L => 13 V/0 kHz , V/H =>13 V/22 kHz

H/L => 18 V/0 kHz , H/H => 18 V/22 kHz
Input/Output impedance 75 Ω (F-type)
Input/Output VSWR 2.5 : 1
LNB power supply 300 mA max. @ 13 VDC ~ 18 VDC
Power consumption 500 mA @ 13 VDC max.
Working temperature -20 °C ~ +60 °C
IP protection IP54
Product dimensions (W x D x H) 11.35 cm x 11.05 cm x 2.08 cm
Weight 165 g
Unicable II™ (dCSS) port specifications
User band (channel) bandwidth Configurable, 10 MHz ~ 80 MHz (default 30MHz)
User band (channel) gain ripple 3 dB max.
User band (channel) frequencies Configurable; Default 32 User bands:
CH1: 1210 MHz (EN50494+EN50607)
CH2: 1420 MHz (EN50494+EN50607)
CH3: 1680 MHz (EN50494+EN50607)
CH4: 2040 MHz (EN50494+EN50607)
CH5: 984 MHz (EN50494+EN50607)
CH6: 1020 MHz (EN50494+EN50607)
CH7: 1056 MHz (EN50494+EN50607)
CH8: 1092 MHz (EN50494+EN50607)
CH9: 1128 MHz (EN50607)
CH10: 1164 MHz (EN50607)
CH11: 1256 MHz (EN50607)
CH12: 1292 MHz (EN50607)
CH13: 1328 MHz (EN50607)
CH14: 1364 MHz (EN50607)
CH15: 1458 MHz (EN50607)
CH 16: 1494 MHz (EN50607)
CH 17: 1530 MHz (EN50607)
CH18: 1566 MHz (EN50607)
CH19: 1602 MHz (EN50607)
CH20: 1638 MHz (EN50607)
CH21: 1716 MHz (EN50607)
CH22: 1752 MHz (EN50607)
CH23: 1788 MHz (EN50607)
CH24: 1824 MHz (EN50607)
CH25: 1860 MHz (EN50607)
CH26: 1896 MHz (EN50607)
CH27: 1932 MHz (EN50607)
CH28: 1968 MHz (EN50607)
CH29: 2004 MHz (EN50607)
CH30: 2076 MHz (EN50607)
CH31: 2112 MHz (EN50607)
CH32: 2148 MHz (EN50607)
Logistical info
Packaging dimensions (W x D x H) 12.5 cm x 11.8 cm x 7.6 cm
Packaging weight 0.42 Kg
Quantity per carton 30
Carton dimensions (W x D x H) 39.5 cm x 25.6 cm x 40 cm
Carton weight 15.1 kg
Quantity per pallet 540

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