The OneNet MoCA Access Controller is the central component of our carrier-grade, full access, Broadband over MoCA 2.5 solution which is perfectly suited for MDU, Hotel and Assisted Care applications and is also fully manageable (via RESTful API) to meet any provider’s OSS requirements. The solution leverages fiber connectivity to the building and the internal (often pre-existing) coaxial network to deliver a green, cheaper and faster to deploy high-speed network.
The OneNet MoCA Access Controller accommodates 2x SFP/SFP+ cages for 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps (load-balanced) and the SFP modules can be Optical (GPON/EPON/XGSPON), Ethernet, or Coax (being brand-agnostic for full interoperability).

With its energy efficient, environmentally rugged enclosure (IP66 compliant) suitable for outdoor or indoor use, the MoCA Access Controller provides 4x 75Ω outputs each of which can serve up to 31 CNU’s (Coax Network Unit) delivering up to 10 Gbps of shared capacity for 124 users, and has a total reach of up to 275 m (900 ft). The MoCA Access Controller is powered via external Power Plug module.

Main Features
  • Easy to Install, Green & Cost Effective, uses legacy coax network
  • Outdoor/Indoor casing (IP66 compliant)
  • Leveraging PON & MoCA 2.5 standards
  • Supports any-PON OLT, PON Passive Fiber Pass-through
  • RF Overlay/Pass-Through Legacy TV Support
  • Highly scalable, supporting hundreds of subscribers with up to 2.5 Gbps
  • End-to-end PON/Coax QoS per user
  • Seamless OSS Integration

Available models
6466 OneNet MoCA Access Controller with 2x SFP/SFP+ input ports and 4x MoCA 2.5 output ports IONE-MNDOO1-2S4MO-OTM
6465 OneNet MoCA Access Controller with 2x SFP/SFP+ input ports and 2x MoCA 2.5 output ports IONE-MNDOO1-2S2MO-OTM

For our complete OneNet Broadband range catalogue, Please click here

PON Fiber interface
2.5G - ITU G.984: 1480-1500 nm downstream band
1260-1310 nm burst upstream band
10G - EPON 802.3av (A/Symmetric: 10/1 or 10/10)
or XG-PON1 (10/2.5) or XGS-PON (10/10)
or NG-PON2 ITU G.989 (TWDM 4 x 10/10):
1575-1580/1596-1603 nm downstream band
1260-1280/1524-1544 nm burst upstream band
SI/EPON Power Saving Mode
Future Proof 2x SFP Cages to host any PON MDU ONT
Coax MoCA 2.5
4x MoCA 2.5 interfaces (F-type) (2x for item 6465)
Adaptive OFDMIZER Up/Down
LDPC error correction
Tunable RF band of 500 MHz: from 400 MHz to 1 .7 GHz
Default Band D extended: 1125-1625 MHz
Constant Max Speed up to 43 dB attenuation
Rate adaptive up to 75 dB attenuation
Low Latency: Less than 3ms over Coax + PON Fiber RTP (Round Trip Delay)
Privacy: 128 Bit AES Encryption
Dedicated/Shared PON Fiber on top of multiple MoCA Access Controllers segment
Multiple VMS (Virtual Modem Stack) integrated in a MoCA Access Controller
Full PON BW control and flow based end-to-end QoS
P2P/P2MP Coax OFDM pipe to each Subscriber Drop Cable
4 Customers or 4 segments of 31 customers per board (SW dependent)
TELCO/MSO OSS standard compliant (TR-069)
Power Save (Sleep) mode when there is no traffic
Powered by external Power Plug (via AC Port) (use with items 6462, 6463 & 6464)
Temperature Range: -40 to 85 °C
Pay-as-you-Go: 3rd and 4th outputs (item 6465) can be remotely activated via TDNMS (optional)
Legacy RF overlay (optional)
RF Overlay: 50 MHz -1 GHz @ 1540-1560 nm Band
RF Pass-through Downstream
Dimensions 233 mm x 194 mm x 65 mm

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