The Calibration IDU provides an interface between a 5G gateway modem and the outdoor antenna (ODA). The IDU function is to compensate for antenna gain and coaxial cable losses to ensure that transmit power levels do not exceed a permitted EIRP limits while optimum sensitivity is maintained for Rx signals.

The IDU contains a signal source used only during calibration and high-speed power detectors used for both calibration and detection of the transmit power level at the 50 Ohm ports. Calibration is performed automatically after a power cycle. During calibration, internal variable attenuators are set to control overall system gain level (IDU + Cabling + ODA) to a maximum of 3 dB, a value configurable at production (e.g. if the gateway Tx power is +20 dBm max., the max. total Tx power will be +23 dBm).

The IDU is supplied with a dual SMA male-SMA male cable to connect with the 5G gateway. For connecting the IDU and the ODA, a 6GHz-rated RG6 cable is recommended.

Main Features

  • Warrants EMF limit compliance of the 5G Transmit EIRP
  • Small footprint with a single board construction for optimum reliability
  • 50 Ohm SMA female interface to 5G gateway / 75 Ohm F-Female Interface to ODA
  • Low power consumption, powered from USB port 5V/150mA
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Overload and Short circuit protected
  • Surge protection
  • Dual Channel
  • Operating Frequency 3.6GHz band

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