The Unifiber transmitter distributes satellite and terrestrial signals over a single fiber cable using a single 1550nm wavelength. At its inputs, it connects to the Vertical and Horizontal ports of a Unifiber wideband LNB (UK or EU models) and to DTT signals (FM/DAB/DTT) received through a Unifiber DTT processing unit. A built-in AGC makes sure whatever size of satellite dish antenna or DTT antenna is used, the input power level to the transmitter remains optimized to distribute high quality signal. The combined signal modulates an internal laser with an output power of +6dBm over a standard FC/UPC optical connector. The output signal can be distributed to a wide range of remote Unifiber optical receivers (dCSS/Quad/Quattro/Wideband) through a Passive Optical Network (PON) of Unifiber optical splitters or be amplified through a Unifiber EDFA optical amplifier to support wide scale FTTH (Fiber To The Home), FTTB (Fiber To The Block) or FTTF (Fiber To The Floor) installations.

Main Features:
  • Optical output at 1550 nm supporting distribution through EDFAs
  • Supports Inverto's UK and EU wideband LNB models
  • Supports all FM, DAB and DTT broadcasts
  • Input level AGC (use any dish, no manual signal level adjustments required)
  • Optical budget of up to 21 dB
  • Quick and easy install, supporting FTTH, FTTB or FTTF deployment scenarios
  • For indoor installations, IP54

Technical specifications
RF inputs 3, F-Type (2x SAT wideband + 1 TERR)
Optical Output 1, FC/UPC

Satellite inputs
Frequency range 290 ~ 2350 MHz
Input level range 70 ~ 90 dBuV (per transponder)
Input Return Loss 12 dB min. (75 ohm)
LNB power supply 10-20 VDC, 250mA max.

Terrestrial input
Frequency range
87 ~ 240, 470 ~ 790 MHz
Input level range 83 ~ 93 dBuV
Input Return Loss 12 dB min. (75 ohm)
Terrestrial antenna power supply 10 ~ 20 VDC, 150mA max.

Optical output
Output power +6 dBm
Wavelength 1550 nm

Satellite status LED Green = OK, RED = High input power, Yellow=Low input power
Blinking = laser failure
Terrestrial status LED Green = OK, RED = High input power, Yellow=Low input power
Blinking = DTT DC OUT overload

Power supply
Voltage range 10 ~ 20 VDC
Power consumption (transmitter unit only) 4 W max.
Operating temperature range -20° ~ +40° C
116 x 84 x 25.5 mm
280 g
Logistical info
Packaging dimensions (W x D x H) 12 x 9.4 x 3.3 cm
Packaging weight 0.3 kg
Quantity per Carton 20 pcs
Carton dimensions (W x D x H) 25.2 x 19.9 x 18.5 cm
Carton weight 6 kg
Quantity per pallet 1440 pcs

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