Inverto’s Unifiber optical LNB deliver a complete satellite broadcast over a single 1310nm wavelength. It is a wideband LNB receiving both horizontal and vertical polarizations of the satellite signals, down-convert the signals to L-band frequencies, stacks them and output the stacked signal over its fiber FC/UPC port at +4dBm output optical power using a 1310nm wavelength. The Unifiber Optical LNB is powered over a dedicated DC-input F-type port over a coax cable. The DC in port is also used for dish alignment as it outputs the horizontal polarization of the received satellite allowing installers to use common satellite installation equipment to align the dish quickly and easily based on MER values. Its compact size, high performance and cost-effective design makes the Unifiber optical LNB ideal for distributing satellite TV over small-mid scale satellite-only installations using fiber cables.

Main Features:
  • Low noise down converter with single mode single 1310nm wavelength fiber optical output
  • Optical output AGC optimizing signal transmission over fiber
  • Powered through F-type DC in port
  • Dish alignment feature – horizontal polarization available over the DC port

Technical specifications
Input frequency range 10.7 GHz ~ 12.75 GHz
LO frequency 10.40 GHz (of downconverter)
Noise figure 0.7 dB
LO temperature drift ± 150 kHz
LO Initial accuracy ± 500 kHz
LO phase noise @ 1 kHz < - 75 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz
Image rejection
40 dB min
Cross polarization isolation
22 dB
Power supply 10 – 20 V DC
Power consumption
4 W max.
Operating temperature
-30°C ~ + 60°C
Output connector type
F-Typ (w)
330 g
Remarks * Dish alignment signal is AGC-regulated so dish alignment shall be carried out using the maximum MER value measured.
Daten für Logistik
Abmessungen Verpackung (L x B x H) 14.3 x 9 x 6.4 cm
Gewicht Verpackung 0.35 kg
Stückzahl per Karton 20 pcs
Abmessungen Karton (L x B x H) 37 cm x 33 cm x 16.1 cm
Gewicht Karton 7.5 kg
Stückzahl per Palette 1320 pcs

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