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4 Satellite Cascadable Multiswitch with 1 Terrestrial Input & 16 outputs


Item: 5337


The Inverto 17x16 Cascadable Multiswitch is an easy to install multiswitch system supporting up to 4 satellite positions. A terrestrial input is available to allow both terrestrial as well as satellite signals to be available on all the 16 subscribers outputs. Switching satellite position is done via DiSEqC signals from the subscriber set-top box.

The Multiswitch is powered with an external AC/DC Power Supply adapter.


Main Features:

■ Fully modular and Cascadable

■ 4 satellite positions + Terrestrial input

■ Connects up to 16 satellite receivers or TVs with Sat tuner

■ High isolation between ports

■ Built in amplifier to compensate cable losses

■ DiSEqC2.0

■ Easy to install, Color coded trunk inputs and outputs  

Product Specifications
Frequency range
Terrestrial 47-862 MHz  
Satellite  950-2150MHz                                         
Inputs 16 SAT + 1 Terr.                               F connectors
Outputs 17 cascading +16 Tap                      F connectors
Insertion loss (Trunk to Cascading outputs)
Terr. 47-862 MHz                                    5dB max.
Sat. 950-2150 MHz                                4dB Typ.
Gain (Trunk to Tap)
Terr. 47-862 MHz                                   0dB
Sat. 950-2150 MHz                                0 ~ 5dB
Return Loss
Terr. IN 47-862 MHz                                   11dB
Sat. IN 950-2150 MHz                                11dB
Terr. OUT 47-862 MHz                                   8dB
Sat. OUT 950-2150 MHz                                8dB
LNB-LNB 950-2150 MHz                                32dB
OUT-OUT Terr. 47-862 MHZ                                   25dB
OUT-OUT Sat. 950-2150 MHz 30dB
H/V Sat 950-2150 MHz 30dB
Rejection   28dB
Output level Sat. IMD3-35 dB 100 dBuV
Output level Terr IMD3-35 dB 83 dBuV
Hor./Ver. switching voltage   15±1V
Switching AC/DC Adapter   18V 2.5A
Sat. switching control commands: 13V,18V,13V/22KHz,18V/22KHz DiSEqC2.0
Frequently Asked Questions
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