Professional MPEG-2 DVB TS Multiplexer


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The IDLV-3000MX is a compact and cost-effective DVB MPEG-2 TS multiplexer which can multiplex up to 8 ASI transport streams and deliver 2 ASI Independent output ports. Enabling the combination of PID editing, filtering and multiplexing the IDLV-3000MX is an ideal device for a wide range of multiplexing applications including medium Cable and Terrestrial headends.


Main Features:

• Fully compliant with DVB ETSI 300421Standard

• Processing of up to 8 SPTS or MPTS

• 8 ASI Inputs, 2 ASI Independent Outputs

• ASI Input Packet Length 188/204 bytes (self-adapting)

• Output Packet Length 188/204 bytes (optional)

• Output Rate up to 216 Mbps

• SI/PSI Automatic Regeneration or Manual Re-Mapping

• Service and PID-Packet Filtering and Re-Multiplexing

• Network Remote Control and Software Upgrade

• Standard 19" Rack 1U mountable

Product Specifications


Front Panel  
LCD 2 x 24 Characters LCD (blue)
6 Buttons Up, Down, Left, Right, Enter, Exit
LED 8 Indicators for ASI 1-ASI 8 Input Status
Rear Panel  
RS-232 9-Pin Port for Debug and Software Upgrade
ETHERNET 10M/100M Base-T Ethernet for Network Remote Control
ASI1-ASI8 IN DVB-ASI Input Ports
ASI1-ASI2 OUT DVB-ASI Output Ports
Power Supply 90 ~ 260 V AC, 50 Hz/60Hz
DVB-ASI Input  
Connector 75 Ω, BNC Female 
Quantity of Input Ports 8
Min. Sensitivity ≤ 200 mV
Input Level 880 mV
Input Bit Rate 5 ~ 50 Mbps
Data format Byte
Packet Length 188/204 Bytes (self-adapting)
DVB-ASI Output  
Connector 75 Ω, BNC Female
Quantity of Output Ports 2 Independent Ports
Output Level 800 mV
Rise Time ≤ 1200 ps
Fall Time ≤ 1200 ps
Deterministic Jitter ≤ 10%
Output Bit Rate 5 ~ 80 Mbps
Data format Byte
Packet Length 188/204 Bytes (Selectable)
PCR Parameters  
PCR Jitter - 500 ~ 500 ns
PCR Interval 0 ~ 40 ms
Control Method  
Remote Control LAN Ethernet Control
Local Control Front Panel with LCD
Frequently Asked Questions
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