Unicable II

Unicable II 8-way splitter, 5-2400MHz


Item: 5356

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Product Specifications
Frequency Range 5 - 2400MHz
Inputs 1x F-Type, female
Output 8x F-Type, female
Insertion Loss 15.5dB max.
Isolation between ports 18dB min.
Input Return Loss -10dB max.
Output Return loss -8dB max.
DC & 22kHz pass from Output to Input Yes
Steering Diodes Yes
Power Consumption 0.3W
Working Temperature -30 ~ +60°C
Weight 124.8g
Dimensions 86.2x69x28.5mm
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the widest adjustable satellite space?

It is depending on the dish size, between 20 and 30 deg.

Can I use a Multiconnect LNB on existing installation?

Yes, the LNB neck diameter is 23mm and a 40mm adapter ring is supplied.