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Basic Kit for multiple Single and/or Twin LNBs installation


Item: 3614


This innovative LNB system was specifically designed for installations that make use of several LNBs on a satellite dish antenna. Its novel slim feed technology incorporates advanced dielectric materials and a perfect front end design. This technology ensures maximum energy transfer from the dish to the LNB circuits also when the LNB position is off the focal point. Furthermore, its small, long neck allows placing the LNBs closely next to each other and gain access to satellites typically too close in their orbital position to be received with standard neck LNBs on a standard satellite dish antenna. This kit comes with all the required system cables and includes two DiSEqC Switches. This LNB system will enable the installation of maximum four Single and/or Twin LNBs, from our MultiConnect LNB product range (on any standard 60-80cm dish).

This kit includes: 1 x Multifeed arc bracket,1 x L-Wing for mounting of DiSEqC Switch, 2 x "4 into 1"-DiSEqC Switch, 4 x Coaxial cables for Single and Twin LNBs, 4 x Spacers + Long extenders (for maximum 5 single and/or Twin LNB* installations), 5 x Mounting screws, 1 x Hex wrench, 1 x 23 to 40mm adaptor, 1 x Installation Guide *The LNBs are are not included and must be purchased separately. aaa


Main Features:

  • Integrated DiSEqC Switches
  • All required system cables are included
  • Easy and quick Installation – Multifeed arc bracket with marks for quick azimuth adjustment
  • Slim Feed Technology supporting reception of up to 7 satellites from 2° to 30°
  • Dielectric Feeds and total freedom in LNB positioning optimize off-focus reception performance
  • Recommended for 60-80 cm Universal dish antennas
Product Specifications

Kit system parts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the widest adjustable satellite space?

It is depending on the dish size, between 20 and 30 deg.

Can I use a Multiconnect LNB on existing installation?

Yes, the LNB neck diameter is 23mm and a 40mm adapter ring is supplied.