Advanced Terrestrial>IP Multiscreen Server

IDL 400t

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IDL 400t

The terrestrial TV airscreen Server™ can receive up to 4 transponders and stream selected SD/HD TV & Radio programs to 4 Client devices over LAN/WLAN or Powerline allowing users to watch live digital terrestrial TV on their tablets, smart phones, smart TVs, game consoles and connected video player devices with compatible software/application. The airscreen Server™ streams out programs that were selected by the Client devices and maintains encryption (for pay-TV channels) intact. The airscreen Server™ features a DLNA/UPnP compatible Server mode that allows DLNA/UPnP Client devices and applications such as DLNA-compatible TVs or Media Players to access the Live terrestrial TV and Radio streams over the LAN/WLAN or Powerline, too.


DLNA/UPnP Clients access and navigate through live TV programs using a channel list provided by the airscreen Server™. The channel list can be edited/ exported/imported through the device’s configuration and management menus which are accessible over a simple and intuitive web interface. Further, the airscreen Server™ features a multicast mode allowing it to be configured as an IPTV headend that can distribute selected programs as IP multicast streams through the site’s LAN over its network interface.




Main Features:

■ 4 Tuners, Receiving Digital Terrestrial TV and converting to IP

■ Streaming Live SD/HD TV & Radio programs to 4 compatible Clients over                                                          LAN/WLAN / Powerline

■ DLNA-compatible Server mode supporting DLNA Client devices and/or apps

■ Multicast Server mode

■ Web-based device configuration and management (password protected)

■ Support MPEG2 TS and PS over IP, Unicast and Multicast

■ Firmware update over LAN or online over the internet

Product Specifications
Front-End Type 4x DVB-T
Input connector 1x IEC 60169-2 female(75Ω)
Network LAN 1x RJ45 (10/100/1000Mbps)
Network protocols HTTP/HTTPS, DHCP, UDP, IGMP, UPnP, RTP, RTCP, RTSP                                                         UPnP/DLNA-compatible server                                      
Management Web-based configuraion; password protected login
Power supply External AC/DC adaptor, Main Input 100-240VAC ~, 50/60 Hz                                                     DC Output to receiver 6V, 2A max.                                                                                                       Operating mode: max. 12W                                                                       
Control and Display 1x On/Off switch button                                                                                                                           4x Client LED, x1 Network activity LED,  x1 On/Off  LED                                                                 1x reset button
Accessories Installation Manual in 2 languages                                                                                                                                                 AC/DC power adaptor
Size W 115mm x D 115mm x H25mm
Regulations CE compliance: 2004/108/EC (EMC Directive),                                                                               2006/95/EC (Low Voltage Directive),                                                                                                 2011/65/EC (RoHS Directive),                                                                                                             2009/125/EC (Eco- design Directive): Commission Regulation (EC) No. 278/2009 (Power consumption of external power supplies)  
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the password to access the web interface?
By default the password is set to admin
Which kinds of LNBs are supported?
The airscreen server support a large range of LNBs. By default it is configured to work with a universal LNB, we strongly recommend a Quad LNB, to supply all 4 tuner inputs with an independent signal. Instead of a Quad LNB you can also use four multi switch outputs. In addition the airscreen server can be configured to work with a Quattro LNB or any Unicable LNB or multi switch. Via the web interface the Unicable frequencies and the LOF frequencies can be set.
Which files systems are supported on an external hard disk drive?
The following file systems are supported: FAT16, FAT32, EXT2, EXT3
What is the difference between DLNA and SAT2IP?
The main feature for our airscreen server is the SAT2IP function. This is a new protocol which defines the conversion from a satellite to an IP signal. This enables devices such as a PC or a tablet to behave like a real satellite receiver. Perform channel search, plan recordings, display EPG, subtitles and teletext, depending on the client and the client software. In addition we offer DLNA functionality, which increases the compatibility with many TV sets, game consoles and other DLNA clients. The limitation is, that through DLNA there will be only Video and Audio and no features such as EPG or HbbTV.
How to use a M3U list?
By using an M3U list, not SAT2IP compatible devices can be enabled to use Inverto airscreen server. Many software clients like for example VLC Player and XMBC are able to load M3U lists in order to zap and display TV channels. To access the M3U list, use the address which is displayed on the airscreen web interface. http://:8080/m3u Alternative you may want to use the IP-address to access the M3U list: http://:8080/m3u More M3U lists then the default list can be downloaded at
My airscreen server does not connect to my local network.
  • Check you LAN cable and make sure it is connected to the right port on your router.
  • You need to make sure that DHCP is activated on your local network, in this way the airscreen server will get his IP address autocratically.
The picture is stuttering and I see many drop outs.
  • Make sure your connection is fast enough. The cabling between our airscreen server and the router should be 1Gbit/s and the Wi-Fi standard for connected clients should be at least 802.11n (150Mbit/s).
  • Check your satellite signal and the coaxial cable.
My airscreen server can not be turned on, there is no power.
  • Check if the power cord is properly connected to the socket and the receiver.
  • Make sure that the main switch on the back of the box is switched on.