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Digital Coaxial Cable RG-6 CCS Triple Shielding, Black


Item: 5267,5268, 5269, 5270, 5271, 5272

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75 Ohm digital coaxial cable used in broadband networks, HFC/CATV signal distribution. Foamed-PE dielectric, stable impedance, high shielding performance.


Available models:

Item 5267      IDLP-CRG6O1-TB100-ROS      100m, Roll

Item 5268      IDLP-CRG6O1-TBO25-BXS      25m, Box

Item 5269      IDLP-CRG6O1-TB100-BXS      100m, Box

Item 5270      IDLP-CRG6O1-TB305-RES      305m, Reel

Item 5271      IDLP-CRG6O1-TB100-RES      100m, Reel

Item 5272      IDLP-CRG6O1-TB305-CRS      305m, Carton

Product Specifications
Operating temp. -20°C to +70°C
Installation temp. -10°C to +40°C
Min. bending radius ≥105mm
Cable weight 41 Kg/Km
Characteristic impedance 75 ± 3 Ohm
Nominal capacitance 53 ± 3 pF/m
Velocity ratio ≥83%

DC resistance (20°C)

Inner cond.



<92 Ohm/Km

<32 Ohm/Km

Structural specification  
Inner conductor CCS, diameter Ø1.02 ± 0.01mm
Dielectric Foamed PE with gas injection, diameter Ø4,57 ± 0.1mm
First shield Bonded Aluminum foil
Second shield Aluminum braiding Ø0.16mm

PVC Black, diameter Ø6.8 ± 0.1mm

UV resistant, ROHS certified, UL/CM                             

Attenuation (typical)  
5MHz  1,90 dB/100m
50MHz  4,85 dB/100m
200MHz  9,28 dB/100m
300MHz  11,64 dB/100m
400MHz 13,61 dB/100m
500MHz 15,28 dB/100m
600MHz 16,72 dB/100m
700MHz  17,71 dB/100m
900MHz 20,33 dB/100m
1000MHz 21,48 dB/100m
1200MHz 23,54 dB/100m
1500MHz 26,43 dB/100m
1600MHz  27,35 dB/100m
1800MHz 29,10 dB/100m
2000MHz 30,36 dB/100m
2100MHz 31,41 dB/100m
2200MHz 31,14 dB/100m
2300MHz 32,85 dB/100m
2400MHz  33,54 dB/100m
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