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M Bracket Steel 48cm


Item: 5131

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A family of M brackets for the support of mounting of satellite dishes on poles. Made from strong weather resistant Steel these brackets can be obtained in several height dimensions to suit various installation scenarios.  

Product Specifications
Item Model Reference Description Diameter Height  Wall dist. Plate Size Steel
5131 IDLP-MB3OO-STOOO-OBB M Bracket Steel 48cm . 480 . 30x5mm
Also available:          
5127 IDLP-MB1OO-STOOO-OBB M Bracket Steel 10cm . 100 . 30x5mm
5128 IDLP-BB5OO-STI42-OBB  M Bracket Steel 18cm . 180 . 30x5mm
5129 IDLP-MB18O-STOOO-OBB M Bracket Steel 28cm . 280 . 30x5mm
5130 IDLP-MB28O-STOOO-OBB M Bracket Steel 30cm . 380 . 30x5mm
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the widest adjustable satellite space?

It is depending on the dish size, between 20 and 30 deg.

Can I use a Multiconnect LNB on existing installation?

Yes, the LNB neck diameter is 23mm and a 40mm adapter ring is supplied.